Why does Coles think so little of its customers?

In November Coles shifted it’s campaign from the effectively annoying Down Down Prices are Down to a far more patronising Every Day.

It’s the latest  advertising onslaught from the mega-uber-food giants.Each ad features a part-time model who moonlights as a minion in the Coles Corporation chatting with a customer who simply refuses to believe anything they say.

Of course Coles’ reasoning was that they’re no longer advertising specials. They’re talking about regular low prices, that you can get every day (Not to be confused with Coles baking fresh bread every day. Which courts have decided they do not.) Nothing wrong with the message, the execution is insulting.

Down Down Prices Are Down may have been equally as repetitive, however it was all to a music. Repetition is the nature of tunes. And you know what, in advertising it works. It’s why the  Woolworthocalypes is now using tweeting birds to advertise it’s regular low prices. Simple, a little bland, but catchy.

Repeating ‘every day’ ad nauseum in a conversation? Horribly different.

Let’s forget the unlikely chummy friendly conversation with shop staff that goes anywhere beyond “hey mate, which aisle has tinned olives?”

Of course the nature of advertising is to make your point again and again so it sinks in. But you have to find a natural, believable and interesting way to do it. Otherwise Coles, you’re just suggesting your shoppers are idiots suffering from Memento syndrome.  This might as well have been your ad:

Incredulous customer: Every day?

Overly involved worker: Yes. Well today and tomorrow. In a month, year or a decade? Probably not. We couldn’t sell yoghurt at $3.50 in the year 2520 because with inflation that would be the equivalent of 1c yoghurt and we’d go out of business in less than a week. So every day doesn’t really mean every day.

Incredulous customer:Every bottle?

Overly involved worker: No, we randomly price our product bottles, you’ll never know which ones are the price advertised and which ones are a completely separate price. It’s a lottery.

Incredulous customer: EVERY day?

Unlikely attractive grocery worker: (Sigh) No the first time you asked me that question I said yes but now 12 seconds later I’ll give you a completely different answer.

Incredulous customer: ….every DAY?

Unlikely attractive grocery worker:Please kill me. 

End note: I shop at Coles. It’s a perfectly fine place to purchase goods.If I seem to be picking on them, it’s only for their lackluster advertising.

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