Is Coles Bread Fresh?

A court has banned Coles fresh bread advertisements for three years

The advertising in question involves using the phrases “Freshly baked” and “baked today” within stores. When in fact some Coles bread is baked months earlier overseas.

A representatives of Coles said:

“We contend our advertising is accurate.

On the day we baked the bread we asked each other when was bread baked? And we agreed, it was baked today. We said it out loud too, which we thought was a really funny thing to do. Then weeks later we quoted ourselves – “baked today” – and put it on the bread, I was a reminder of that funny thing we’d said ages ago. People love funny quotes.

As for ‘fresh’, I think that’s the word the kids are using for ‘cool’ these days. And man our bread rolls are super cool, each has been for months.

Wait…was that not clear?

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