Barry O’Farrell’s finger explained

Did Premier Barry O’Farrell give the finger in NSW Parliament? He says he didn’t. Could the fate of a regime rest on one finger? It has once before.

 Archivo:Teniente Archie Hicox Michael Fassbender Bastardos sin Gloria.png

Of course if you don’t remember, In Tarantino’s film Inglorious Bastards an Allied plan to remove Hitler goes wrong with one similar, simple gesture. Lieutenant Archie Hicox (Michael Fassbender) has perfectly disguised himself as a German officer until one misstep reveals he’s a spy.

In a German bar he signals for 3 drinks. He raises his middle three fingers (the English, Australian and American gesture) instead of his thumb and first two fingers (the German way). This leads to a lot of shooting, spilled beers and guts.

One finger ruined everything.

Barry O’Farrell claimed when he raised his one middle finger at Opposition Leader John Robertson he was signalling that Robertson was only allowed to ask one question.

Of course what Australian has ever used their middle finger to signal ‘one‘? You’d have to say Barry is either lying or he’s a foreign spy.

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