How Gallen and Myles can bring love back to State of Origin

In the first State of Origin last night NSW’s Paul Gallen punched Queenslander Nat Myles in the face twice. When asked after the game about it he said:

 “It’s a compliment to him’.


Not wanting to assume a rugby league player may not understand the meaning of a relatively simple word, I’ll offer some helpful tips to giving compliments in footy.

1. Forget ‘you look nice’ make your comments specific. It shows sincerity:


 “Do my eyes deceive me? Are those new footy boots? Lookin’ good!”

2. Stick to safe physical attributes and avoid anything that could be sexualising.  Because he might bash you if you do. 


“I know you’re maroon to the core but Nate those eyes are rich NSW blue.”

3. Don’t just focus on the physical. Compliment their brilliant football mind..


“Your always seem so hard in thought. Probably why you always know what tackle we’re up to. All the way up to 6.”

4. Tell it to his friends. When they pass it on to him, like say you would a football, it will appear even more sincere.


“Late tackle?! Speaking of late, you know who’s never late for an important event? Your considerate mate Nate.”

5.Do you research. Show it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while.

origin5“Meninga told me you cried in Les Miserable. That takes a real man.         You sir are the Jean Valjean of Origin.”

I assume that State of Origin is founded on interstate brotherly love and friendship so forget trying to win the game. These are some sure fire steps to winning some new footy chums across the border.

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