What The Nazis Should Have Done

Every school boy knows that the Nazi’s made terrible decisions in war (invade Russia? Come on) but many people don’t know of the other crazy ridiculous plans they had. From exploding chocolate bars to kill Churchill, to teaching dogs to talk, and now we have the most recent discovery that they wanted to build a giant mirror in space to fry their enemies (30 years before man ever got into space). Those guys were cra-zey.

5 Nazi Plans that would have made more sense.

1. A mini-moustache fashion campaign

Start a wartime trend of all men growing the Hitler mo. It takes over England and America. Then bam, Hitler personally walks in undetected and kills Roosevelt.

2. Change from the Nazis to the Nasties

The baddest, coolest gang of the 40’s in all of Europe. Everyone would have wanted to join.


3. Turn your vision for Europe into Eurovision

Forget Idol or Masterchef the first open call for ‘So You Think You Can March’ would have sent their ratings amongst neighbouring countries through the roof.

4. Cats For Stats

Hitler was a well known animal lover but seriously those pets were way too distracting for soldiers. Instead turning every farm taken over into an animal farm to breed cats for soldiers who actually win a war would have got better results.

5. The Axis German-Japanese Fun Times Singles Dance

They had an alliance so why no socialising? Dancing leads to loving and everyone knows Eurasians are the superior hottest of all people. Mission accomplished.

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