What will make you slow down? The stick or the carrot?




For decades the TAC (Vic Transport Accident Commission) and the RTA (NSW Roads and Traffic Authority) have tried to scare the bejeezus out of us with horrific television ads to get us to slow the fuck down.

Slow the fuck down or you’ll drag a boy and his ball down the bitchumen.

Slow the fuck down or your combi van will be crushed to a pulp with you inside it.

Slow the fuck down or an entire family will be weeping by the side of the road over your mangled unrecognisable corpse. They assume it’s you because of your shirt, they can’t tell it’s you because you’re unrecognisable.

Those ads were horrible. And you know what? They worked. Statistics show it. People hated them but people realised they don’t want to be broken into tiny little pieces because they were rushing home to catch The Block AllStars when they could have pre-recorded it.

Now, Western Australia (of all the touchy-feely states) thinks it knows better with this ad – Enjoy The Ride. Let’s tempt people with a rational argument: hey you, haven’t you smelt the flowers? Haven’t you taken the time to listen to David Wenham tell you take your time? Go on. Treat yourself. Drive slow.



What the bloody what??? Since when does anyone (particularly those who like the block) listen to someone telling them to smell the roses. It assumes people are rational patient individuals who can be reasoned with by dangling a watch in front of them telling them to start meditating on life. Well W.A., you can’t talk to drivers like that. What works on the road? Fear. Shame. And then some more fear stuffed with shame.



Western Australia, it’s time to harden the fuck up again and start showing some bloody corpses. Otherwise just go ahead and secede. Take all the bloody time you want.

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